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Dominate your market with a superior online presence, benefit from high visibility in search engines, and reduce your pay per click (PPC) marketing costs. You can now Identify yourself, your team or your brokerage as the trusted leader in any market through the .homes branded network. Consumers now have a way to connect directly with a local, reputable professional without having their information sold through portal and other websites charging referral fees.


Times have changed! What does COM even mean? It's actually the abbreviation for commercial. Now, how does that relate to marketing homes? And why are agents still utilizing a 30 year old outdated system in 2020? 
.HOMES was released January 2019 and has since become the Top Level Domain for residential real estate professionals! Industry leaders have secured their names at high end costs. With the option of our purchase plans, any agent, team, brokerage or business can now compete with top producers immediately by securing their domain. Choose from thousands of high quality names that offer instant credibility from the largest portfolio in the world. Brand yourself and your business by owning your own piece of valuable online real estate. 


The value to our domains is clearly seen in the numbers. Just a few examples below.

FloridaKeysHomes.com is for sale for $49,000 (as of 10/19)
FloridaKeys.homes (top level domain, premium keyword & shorter memorable url) is $79 on our purchase plan saving you over $44,000!

JamesCity.com is for sale for $49,888 (as of 11/19) while we offer JamesCity.homes for $49 saving you almost $47,000!


DenverHomes.com sold for $35,500, while we offer you DenverRealty.homes, DenverLuxury.homes, & DenverColorado.homes for $39 on our purchase plan.

VegasLuxuryHomes.com sold for $8,500 while we offer VegasLuxury.homes for $39 saving you over $6,000!

RealEstate.net sold for $300,000

CornerstoneHomes.com sold for $150,000

TorontoRealEstate.com sold for $140,000

RealEstate.mobi sold for $85,000 

JacksonHoleRealEstate.com sold for $85,000

ParkCityRealEstate.com sold for $60,000

VegasRealEstate.com sold for $56,311

LongIslandRealEstate.com sold for $52,500

TucsonRealEstate.com sold for $50,450

and many more!


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