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To preserve affordable branding for the Real Estate Industry on the .homes premium global network. Review the VALUE section below to understand why we created a solution to a twenty year .com problem.


For our clients to enjoy all the benefits of a premium web address without the large out of pocket expense and risk. We offer the same concept as leasing a prime office location with a well known and recognized street name. Your online address is just as crucial to your business. A premium name will give your business instant credibility, generate leads, and save you thousands by marketing with the proper use of keywords and search engine optimization (SEO).

You can now choose from thousands of high quality brandable names that offer instant credibility for as little as $19.95 per month. Dominate your market with a superior online presence, benefit from high visibility in search engines, reduce your pay per click (PPC) marketing costs, and more.  



Through extensive research and a substantial capital investment, the world's largest portfolio of premium .homes high ranking domains was secured for the Real Estate Industry.

With the portal giants, tech start-ups, and cash offer ibuyers overwhelming the consumer, the Real Estate Industry was changing and our founder, a Broker herself, believed it was not for the best. Determined to discover a legitimate, honest and affordable way to identify as the trusted leader in your market; was created offering a brandable solution to the industry.

VALUE: is for sale for $49,000.00 (as of 10/19) (top level domain, premium keyword & shorter memorable url) is only $79.95 w/our annual subscription service including your branded business email. That is the equivalent of 57 years.


The value to our service is clearly seen in the numbers. sold for $35,500, while we offer you,, & at our low subscription rates of $19.95 - 99.95 including your business email account. sold for $150,000, sold for $85,000, sold for $60,000, sold for $40,000, sold for $34,100, sold for $30,500 and many more!