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COMING SOON! [ Domains are not for sale ]
Experienced Realtor?
Are you a local expert in the city you live in?

HAVE YOU HEARD OF .homes? It is a top level domain for the residential real estate industry. Our service offers landing pages on premium domains ( cities, towns, neighborhoods, areas, schools, industry keywords, etc. ) at budget subscription prices as an affordable means to help independent agents and small business owners. We are working with several top companies to offer even more services at discounted prices as our network grows. We look forward to helping you grow your business without ever having to pay referral fees to tech companies or lead generating firms ever again! 

Domains are not for sale and all domains were purchased for use in our subscription service. All domains have a geographic and/or generic residential real estate use or are an acronym for a residential area, school etc. Any requests for domain sales will not be responded to. 

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